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About Us : Our Story

At FORMA Therapeutics, an integrated research and clinical development company, we are passionate about discovering and developing medicines that will make a difference in cancer and other serious diseases. Our drug discovery engine deploys screening and structure-based approaches across broad families of targets involved in Protein homeostasis, epigenetics, and metabolism. Conventional drug discovery approaches that focus only on limited number of therapeutic targets can fall short in understanding complex protein networks and the functional interplay across protein families. At FORMA, we explore biology using a systems and collaboration-based approach to disease, enabled by our R&D platforms in chemistry, discovery and translational biology and early clinical development.. We work in an integrated and interdisciplinary way  to identify meaningful therapies and accelerate our innovations from the lab to patients.

“We leverage a world-class network of academic and translational experts alongside FORMA’s biological insights, chemistry expertise and early clinical development capabilities, to create drug candidates providing profound patient benefit.”